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We are a Boston Terrier, French Bulldog, & Frenchton Breeder in Berkley, MA
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Thank you for visiting our website. We’re located in Berkley, MA. Choose us as your Boston terrier, French bulldog or Frenchton breeder.

Please use the form on this page to email us. You can also call 781-526-9120 to speak with us immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions
How often are the dogs bred?

The dogs are bred once each year until my reproduction specialist says they’ve had enough.

Are breeding dogs tested for types of congenital illnesses that could be passed along?

All the breeds have been tested and are clear from any congenital type of defects.

Why are they so expensive?

There is a lot involved with reproduction:  artificial insemination, C-sections, progesterone testing, and reverse progesterone testing to name a few.

Are the dogs good with other pets and family members?

These are small size dogs that do excellent in a family.  They are just looking for love and attention and will love those that give it.  They are very loyal companions that will fill your heart.


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