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We are a 5-star breeder based in Berkley, Massachusetts.  We are a recognized World-Class top rated 5-star breeder of Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs.  We are dedicated to raising quality Boston Terriers, Frenchtons, and French Bulldogs and rehoming to great homes.  We have had puppies that have gone to become special needs support dogs.  They don’t work out as guard dogs as they are too friendly.  We breed for the purpose of improving the breed, exhibiting and showing the breed, for use in legal sporting activities and to be great companions as family pets.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We are devoted to offering only the best care for our purebreds. Our dogs’ comfort and wellbeing is ensured with certified veterinarian treatment, climate-controlled housing of no less than a hundred square feet per kennel run, plus daily exercise. Their nutrition consists of high quality chicken and rice supplemented by vegetables as well as multivitamins – not to mention delicious snacks like raw chicken feet, pigs ears, pig’s feet and stuffed cow hooves! To top it off they receive fresh bedding daily and clean runs that have been meticulously disinfected; furthermore our team ensures these pups enjoy lots of love every day too!

5-Star Breeder
Boston Terriers, Frenchtons, and French bulldogs

Recognized, World Class, Top-Rated, 5-star breeder

We have traditional colored black and white Boston Terriers along with other color variations. The French Bulldogs we have are Blue Merle, Blue with tan points, Brindle and Black/White.

Our Kennel is large enough having over a hundred square feet of living space for each dog. They are able to go outside as they please. They are all on a home cooked fresh vegetable and meat diet. They come out regularly for exercise going for regular walks and social meetups with other dogs.

Prior to breeding we have a reproduction specialist examine our females to ensure their health and by extension, your new family member. We work hard to ensure that the breeding dogs don’t have any Congenital type of defects that would be passed on to their puppies. We breed to help improve the breeds standards and to make some really great pets. We only sell puppies to loving homes and reserve the right to refuse any potential customers that we don’t think are the right fit.

Our girls are having litters regularly and you can get on our waitlist if you’re ready. You must be available for your dog. He/she will need your attention regularly and deserves it. You must be willing to get a veterinarian to care for your puppy regularly.  Puppy/Dog ownership is a privilege, and you need to understand their needs. Your full commitment is expected not just wanted.